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Use a no longer used theatre or cinema and turn it into a place for artistic residences with innovative technological solutions: audio, recording and live. A management model which uses the place’s possibilities like hosting artists of all categories at reasonable prices. Where every musician can feel at home and where they can find anything near them.

In the Marchionneschi theatre of Guardistallo (PI) we managed to create this, revitalising the theatre (opened to all the arts anyway) and grafting an economic impact on the commercial and hospitality activities of the village. A professional proposal to foreign artists too!
A model of entrepreneurial sustainability in collaboration with the local associations. All this with the amazing view of the Tuscan Archipelago, 10 minutes apart from the sea and near the vineyards of Bolgheri.

Every place is as different as the design. Thanks to the experience of Guardistallo, the confirmation of our vision and the proven method for the next projects and locations.

Thanks to our incredible team and our partners, we offer ad Hoc interventions on the locations, feasibility studies, planning and tenders, personal training, equipment and technologies, systems of management sustainability, tourism, culture and communication.

What is “Arte Residente”?

Every musician, from the experts to the beginners, needs places to create, rehearse alone or with a band, recording, planning a tour and verifying if levels and sounds are balanced. These places are always different, so we asked ourselves: why don’t we create a single place where people can do all those things?

With a professional design, the right technology and a company as “Arte Residente”, which can cover all the services, we can do it!. Remember that the theatres in Italy were born to create music with the philharmonics.

In Italy there are probably more than 600 no longer used theatres.

Partners have been essential for the realisation of the RAM model. First among all the “K-ARRAY” which supported the idea with high level audio equipment, then “RETE DOC” as a partner to spread the model and for the technical organizational support. Te Aps “Piccola Parigi” for the management of the theatre and the TPM organisation (Toscana Produzione Musiche)


RAM is the first project of “Arte Residente ” and it is aimed at all the artists, in particular to the musicians, who need a place where they can create, rehearse, record their music. They now have the possibility to do it in the Marchionneschi theatre, a beautiful italian theatre with 180 seats, built in 1883 in Guardistallo (PI), a dream tuscan village near the sea and overlooking the Maremma.

In 2021 Antonio Aiazzi (former member of Litfiba) was looking for a place where he could perform “Mephisto Ballad” with Gianni Maroccolo (former member of Litfiba, CCCP, CSI) when he met Sandro Ceccarelli, major of Guardistallo, who put Aiazzi in contact with the cultural association of “Piccola Parigi”. The two musicians started playing there and discovered a world of beauty, so perseverance and entrepreneurial capacity of Antonio Aiazzi created a model of artistic residences inside the theatre and the houses of the village, perfect for all the artists (for theatre companies too!) where you can rehearse, perform, record…

“I have always suffered while recording in a recording studio. We seldom have the possibility to work in full immersion and we’re often conditioned by schedules and other aspects that we must respect. I have always preferred adapting places (often improbable) like theatres and turning them into recording studios, trying to live the experience of recording as a creative moment to share with others. This is one of the several opportunities from where my choice to collaborate with Antonio Aiazzi was born. I have always tried not to conform to the world, to live my dreams in an independent way and maybe this is because I decided to collaborate in the realisation of this beautiful project” Gianni Maroccolo, 2022